Get Your Lean On Testimonial - Ryan

Ryan B.


I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the knowledge, help, support you have offered me as I work toward my weight loss and fitness goals. I want to offer my story for you to share with the Get Your Lean On community and for those considering one of your programs……….

About a year ago I decided that I had enough of living my life with extra pounds. I’ve always been heavy throughout my life. I was by far the heaviest I had ever been. I realized that my health was starting to suffer from my poor eating habits, and lack of physical activity. I had high blood pressure, and I was suffering with back problems. A blood test showed my “numbers” were not good. I looked and felt run down, and I was starting to lose focus on the important things in life. I knew my weight was the problem.

Like many, I started working out thinking it would be enough to make a significant difference in my weight. After two months of working hard at the gym, and seeing very little in terms of results, I knew I needed to make a change to my diet. I also knew I had no idea how to successfully eat properly to lose weight.

Fortunately, my wife has worked with Tony on a few of his ventures over the years, so I knew exactly where to turn with my questions. As soon as I reached out to Tony he helped me put his Get Your Lean On plan in motion. That was the point when I started to see real change.

Not only was the plan itself important, but Tony’s approach was important. Tony challenged me to come up with and focus on the real reasons I wanted to make a change. I came up with nine very personal and emotional reasons to lose weight and get healthy. I still think about those reasons today, as I continue my weight loss journey.

I’ve been following the Get Your Lean On lifestyle for about ten months. In that time, I lost fifty (50) pounds. I have also significantly increased my strength, stamina, and muscle size. I feel like the athlete I used to be in high school again. I frequently hear from people “you look like a new man,” or “I hardly recognize you,” among many other complements.

It’s not just what you can see on the outside either. I had another blood test at a health screening recently. This time, my blood pressure was completely normal, and all of my “numbers” were in the recommended ranges.

Although, there have been challenges and frustrations along the way, Tony has always been there to share encouragement and offer advice. I am still working toward my ultimate goal of losing a total of eighty pounds. I can tell you, I have made significant progress in ten months. I know I will achieve my goal as long as I stay on the plan. It’s easy, because I am never hungry, and I have great energy. I abused my body for many years with overeating, sugar, and processed food. Get Your Lean On offered me a permanent solution I will follow for the rest of my life.

For anyone looking to significantly improve your health, and lose weight, you need to find a way to work with Tony. Buy his book, or get his Unleash Your Healthy program, or join his boot camp. Make the commitment because I am living example it is worth it. I truly believe Tony is answering the call of his life’s work to help you achieve your goals, and that is something special.