The “Get Your Lean On – Nutrition Coaching” theories are based on clinically proven techniques that will help YOU understand your current weight and health struggles:

When working with me you will come to understand…

1. Why most dieting methods have a higher failure rate than quitting smoking or drugs “cold turkey.”

2. How many of the mainstream diets of today will actually cause you to gain weight.

3. The real reason why you can’t resist your urge for cookies, ice cream, pasta, soda and candy.

4. How to diminish your dreaded unhealthy food urges.

5. The truth behind the hormone/weight-gain connection and how to successfully achieve a homeostatic (balanced) state.

6. How your food choices are skewed by blood-sugar swings and what to do about it.

7. Untangling the hype about Fats, Protein, Carbs and Calories.

Empowering YOU with the tools needed to understand just how powerful the food/body relationship is has the amazing ability to change your health’s destiny.