Aiko S.

My introduction to Tony was through my son who took part in several of Tony’s 8 week body transformation programs. My son would continually tell me what he was learning from Tony regarding fitness and nutrition.

Linda S.

How do I explain how meeting with Coach Tony has changed our lives? I came to him after my Doctor told me to lose weight or start taking medication to head off diabetes.  I had a pituitary tumor removed in my 30s, and it affected my metabolism. I am hypothyroid, and losing weight has been […]

Joann M.

Not only did I reach my weight loss goal, I exceeded it! But many of the true gifts that I wasn’t even thinking about actually surpassed why I started this journey in the first place! A few years back I saw one of Tony’s presentations at my workplace. I was intrigued by what he had […]

Jeanette and Rich Testimonial
Jeanette and Rich Testimonial

Jeanette E.

When my doctor first diagnosed the Type 2 Diabetes, she told me she wanted my fasting blood sugars to remain below the 150 mark. I didn’t think that would be a problem. However, I didn’t change much in my diet/exercise routine, and eventually those fasting blood sugars rose to 150 plus! I knew I was […]

Get Your Lean On Testimonial - Wendy
Get Your Lean On Testimonial - Wendy

Wendy M.

When I first heard about Tony it was through his success with my mother’s health. I watched her health deteriorate and I was fortunate enough to be able to watch her health improve! My own family had been struggling for years with weight loss and everything we knew to work seemed to not be working […]

8 Week Body Transformations

Elena Front Side by Side
Elena Profile Side by Side
Michael Before and After Front 2
Michael Before and After Side 2
Gaby Before and After Front
Gaby Before and After Side
GYLO Before-After_front
GYLO Before-After_side
GYLO Before-After_Josh_front
GYLO Before-After_Josh_side
GYLO Before-After_Matt
Tim Before and After Front
TIm Before and After Side
Jess Before-After Side
Kelli Before and After Front (2)
Kelli Before and After Side (2)
GYLO Before-After_Mark
GYLO Before-After_Mark2
GYLO Before-After_JenF_front-min
GYLO Before-After_JenF_side-min
Brian Samsa – Before & After Front
Brian Samsa Before & After Side
GYLO Before-After_NicoleR_front-min
GYLO Before-After_NicoleR_side-min
Jeff Eiden Before & After Front
Jeff Eiden Before & After side
Troy Before – After Front
Troy Before – After Side
Becky Front Side by Side
Becky Profile Side by Side
GYLO Before-After_Carrie
GYLO Before-After_Carrie2
Brian McCrory Before and After Front
Brian McCrory Before and After Side
GYLO Before-After_Cody
GYLO Before-After_Cody2
Beth before and After front
Beth before and After side
Allen Before & After Front
Allen Before & After Side
Joy LeClair Before & After Front
Joy LeClair Before & After Side
Gary Smith Before & After Front
Gary Smith Before & After Side
Mallory Grant Before & After Front
Mallory Grant Before & After Side

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